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About Car Audio MP3 Player

    The car audio MP3 player we manufacture can play MP3 music with USB Disk and SD/MMC card.
You can store the popular songs such as the songs of Michael Jackson and Lady gaga into your USB disk and insert it into the USB input on the player, then you can enjoy beautiful music. The characters of the player are that you can update your favorite music and songs at any time, it works stably, it doesnĄ¯t have the problem of tape aging and the non updating of CD.

    You can also use it to listen FM broadcast. It can be preset memory of 18 broadcasting stations. We have six types of Car Audio MP3 Player. For detailed functions, please refer to the instruction in the pictures.

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    Guangdong Jiangmen Zhenda Electronic Factory is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of electronic products such as Zhenda electronic fly swatter,Car Audio MP3 Players ,Bus handle,City bus handle,Subway Handle,Subway advertising handle,LED night light,Dining Chair, coal conveyor belt,Plastic chain.

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