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Electronic Mosquito Swatter
Electronic Fly Swatter
Mosquito Racket
Plastic chain
Fly Swatter
Mosquito Swatter
Dining Chairs
Bus Handle
City Bus Handle
Ski pass holder
Lift pass holder
City Bus Lighting
LED Lighting
T5 Lamp fixture
Coal conveyor belt
Energy saving light
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        Zhenda electronic Factory Welcome your referring and order. and we also offer technical service and cooperated with your model.

About Online Shopping Service

We can offer online shopping service.
If you want to buy our products in small quantity, please email us. Someone will be arranged to especially serve you.
The conditions for online shopping:
(1)  When the order quantity is small, the products will be sent via DHL, UPS or other courier companies. You can receive them quickly.
(2)  Payment method: Western Union or bank transfer.
(3)  We can not accept Paypal payment

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