Electronic Fly Swatter small 3-layer series
Electronic Fly Swatter Electronic Fly Swatter Electronic Fly Swatter
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Electronic Fly Swatter Electronic Fly Swatter Electronic Fly Swatter
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Electronic Fly Swatter
SHH-27 Swatter
Are you always annoyed by the bothersome bites from mosquito?
 Mosquito have been exsiting since human beings appeared . People have been given so much annoyance by them and have not had yet an ideal means to kill them for a long time.
 Our brand name "Zhenda" Electric Mosquito swatter was developed in 1995. Since then the swatter have been extremely popular at home and abroad because of its high efficiency to kill mosquito and other flying insects.
 Our well-trained staff , unique technology and excellent material make the electronic fly swatter.
 Our electronic fly swatter is made of durable ABS757 plastic. All steel wire and wire net are nickel plated. The reliability of our product quality is guaranteed by our strict TQC quality control system and advanced international technic.
 We solemnly promise that our Mosquito swatter can last for more than one year.
 What are you still waiting for?
 Please contact us right now!

How To Use ZHENDA Electronic Fly Swatter

A. Electronic Fly Swatter Instruction For Use
(1). Please hand hold Mosquito swatter and put in two AA battery.
(2).Electronic Fly Swatter Switch on the button, LED LAMP will be lighted. Swing and wave the Mosquito Swatter net and the insect after touching the net will be killed.
(3).The Mosquito Swatter net must be cleaned with brush after using.
B. Mosquito Swatter Attention For Use
(1). While the switch on don't touch the Mosquito Swatter with hand. Keep away from children and safety.
(2).Don't clean the Mosquito Swatter net with cloth or water.
(3).If the insect still alive after touching the Mosquito Swatter net, You must change the battery.

C. The Mosquito Swatter power supply use 2 AA battery. Voltage 3V. Current 230MA.

1 SHH-23 46X18X48cm 35 PCS 46.5X16X2.5cm Plastic sack packing
2 SHH-23 52X34X23cm 20 PCS 46.5X16X2.5cm PVC packing

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