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 negative booster 45A
Negative booster series
negative booster 45A
Solar Power Inverter
DC 24V To DC 12V
Solar Power Inverter 200W
Bus Handle
DC to DC buck
Car Power Inverter
Solar Power Inverter
Plastic chain
Car DVD MP3 Player
Car MP3 Player
City Bus Handle
Electronic Mosquito Swatter
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Bus handle
Bus handle
Car MP3 Player
Car MP3 Player with USB SD
Car MP3 Player 2078
Car MP3 Player
1 Din In-Dash Car MP3 player
Car MP3 Player 2088
Plastic chain

Plastic Chain
DC to DC buck 10A

DC to DC buck 24V to 12V 10A

DC to DC buck 20A

DC to DC buck 24V to 12V 20A

     Guangdong Jiangmen Zhenda Electronic Factory is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of electronic products such as Zhenda electronic fly swatter, Car DVD MP3 Player,Car MP3 Player, Bus handle, City bus handle, Subway Handle, Subway advertising handle, LED night light, Plastic chain.
Zhenda electric mosquito swatter have CE and ROHS attestation by TUV.
     Our brand name "Zhenda" electric bug zapper was developed in 1995. Since then it has been extremely popular at home and abroad because of its high efficiency to kill mosquito and other flying insects.
  Our Electronic bug zapper is made of durable ABS757 plastic. All steel wire and wire net are nickel plated. The reliability of our product quality is guaranteed by our strict TQC quality control system and advanced international technic.
      Zhenda Electronic mosquito swatter can offer online shopping and Wholesale on any country.
      Our Electric fly swatter are selling well in USA, Germany, France, United kingdom(UK), Japan, Canada, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Finland, Mexico, Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Korea, Indian, China Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao ect..

Plastic Chain

Our Plastic Chain has the following features:
Plastic chain is holistic and durable.
It's practical and convenient for taking.
Plastic chain could be adjusted freely with special active chain.
It's available in various specifications for your selection and we always like to receive orders from you.

Car DVD MP3 Player

Jiangmen city in Guangdong province, China is the production centralized area of car audio. Some reports said 90% of car audio of China are manufactured in Jiangmen city.
At the beginning of the 1980s the first home cassette recorder was born in Jiangmen. Since then Jiangmen has become a famous audio city in China.
We have been engaged in the technical design and sale of home audio and car audio for a long time and were lucky to experience and witness the birth of the first home cassette recorder of China. We have rich experience in the production and sale . We can offer before-sale service and after-sale service to the customers.
Our company mainly produce and develop car audio. Our products include car DVD/CD/VCD/MP3 players,car amplifier, etc.
Our factory has strong technology power and advanced measurement equipments, is equipped with professional technical team to research and develop all kinds of car amplifier, CD/VCD/MP3 players. Our products have stable quality and novelty designs. They are mainly sold to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.
You are welcomed to select our products and visit our factory to make an on-the-spot investigation.
We hope to work with you and develop mutually beneficial relationships with you.

Car MP3 Player

Car MP3 player is the player that can play MP3 music with USB disk and SD/MMC card.
You can store a lot of MP3 music in you USB disk and play them in your car. You don't need to use CD or tape anymore.
You don't need to worry that the player can not work normally due to vibration during driving or the scratch of CD or dampness of tape. You can update your music database via computer.
You can also use it to listen FM broadcast. It can be preset memory of 18 broadcasting stations. We have six models for car audio MP3 player. For detailed functions, please refer to the instruction in the pictures.

City bus handle

Traditionally, we will print different product advertisement on the crust of the city bus. City bus handle is the extension product for the city bus advertising.
The people can read the commercial advertisement while they are on the bus. You just need to make a fancy paperboard with the thickness of 0.3MM, and then put it into the interlayer of the advertising board, which leads the people to enjoy the advertisement that you promoted.

How To Use Electronic mosquito swatter

A. Instruction For Use
(1). Please hand hold Mosquito Swatter and put in two AA battery.
(2).Electronic mosquito swatter Switch on the button, LED LAMP will be lighted. Swing and wave the fly Swatter net and the insect after touching the net will be killed.
(3).The Electronic Mosquito Racket net must be cleaned with brush after using.
B. Electronic Mosquito swatter Attention For Use
(1). While the switch on don't touch the Electronic Mosquito Racket with hand. Keep away from children and safety.
(2).Don't clean the Electronic Fly swatter net with cloth or water.
(3).If the insect still alive after touching the Mosquito swatter net, You must change the battery.
C. The Electronic Mosquito swatter power supply use 2 AA battery. Input Voltage 3V. Current < 200MA, Output Voltage <2000VDC, micro coulomb <45UC(Europe CE Standard).

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